About ICEM

Executive Committee

The ICEM Executive Committee is the governing board of the organisation and is made up of eight members, all of whom are elected at the General Assembly. Each Committee member has a two-year term and may run for two consective terms if re-elected. The President and Vice-President are elected from the Committee members. Other, non-voting, posts in the Committee include the Secetary General, the Treasurer, the EMI Editor-in-Chief and the Chief Technical Advisor.

The current ICEM Executive Committee members:

Csaba Komló
ICEM President

Educational Media Production Training

Freelance consultant and trainer, in the scripting and production of educational media

Jack Koumi
ICEM Vice-President

Official ICEM liaison and Chairman of the
ICEM 2015 Conference




Kazys Vogulys
ICEM Director, Latin America, Bogota, Colombia

Curtin University, Perth, Australia

Acting Dean, Learning and Teaching, Curtin Business School

Dr. Eva Dobozy
Committee Member

Associate Professor in Digital Epistemologies and Literacies in the Dept. of Language, Literacy & Special Populations at Sam Houston State University.

Dr. Hannah R. Gerber
Committee Member

Iinformation and Communication Technology Competence Center, University of Aveiro - Portugal



Dr. Maria José (zé) Loureiro Ph.D.
Committee Member

 Pukyong National University

Jason Yj Lee
Committee Member

Director of the Instructional Technology and Resource Center for the Kremen School

Otto Benavides
ICEM Vice-President

Austrian Federal Ministry of Education and Women's Affairs

Head of the Media Department


Walter Olensky
ICEM Treasurer

Secretary General of ICEM
Vienna, Austria

Ray Laverty
Secretary General

President of CARDET

EMI Editor-in-Chief


Charalambos Vrasidas
EMI Editor-in-Chief

Chief Executive Officer of Medien LB, Munich, Germany

Dr. Anita Stangl
ICEM Past President