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Jack Koumi

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Jack Koumi has a degree in Mathematics, a degree in Psychology, and Graduate Certificates in Technology Based Distributed Learning, and in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.


For 6 years he was a London University lecturer and teacher trainer. For 22 years, until 1992, he worked for the BBC Open University, producing audio, video and multimedia in Mathematics, Science, and Media Design. Also, over 10 years, he was Senior Instructor in a three-month annual course for overseas producers of educational video.

Subsequently, as a freelance consultant, he has conducted over 60 workshops and consultancies on educational media design, in 37 countries. He has also produced video/print and AV teacher training materials and trained producers of same in 11 countries.

He has published many papers and instructional texts, plus a book, Designing video and multimedia for open and flexible learning, Routledge 2006, reprinted 2009. Latest papers:

  • Construction of 56 instructional TV programmes for English language learners in Turkey , Educational Media International 2013, Tailor & Francis.
  • Pedagogic Design Guidelines for Multimedia Materials: A Call for Collaboration between Practitioners and Researchers , Journal of Visual Literacy 2013 Vol. 32 No 2.
  • Learning Outcomes afforded by self-assessed segmented Video-Print combinations, Cogent Education, 2015, 2(1), http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/2331186X.2015.1045218#.VZPD1fm6dNA
  • Audiovision for training Teachers of Nigerian Nomadic children. Journal of Applied Instructional Design, 2015 http://www.jaidpub.org/?page_id=1421



A three-day workshop on Achieving the Pedagogic Potential of Video.


In January 2017 I authored and taught a MOOC, entitled “What and How to Teach with Video”. This is material updated from my book,  Designing video for open and flexible learning (2006, reprinted 2009), concentrating on two aspects.

  • WHAT to teach with video: Powerful Teaching/Learning Roles for which video is potentially capable, due to its distinctive presentational attributes
  • HOW to teach with video: Pedagogic Design Principles to achieve the above potential

The course uses 42 video clips to exemplify 33 Powerful Teaching/Learning Roles.

A further 39 clips illustrate 30 Pedagogic Design Principles.


For a taste of some of the materials, here’s the link to my DropBox folder containing 2 of the 12 videos plus 3 related handouts.


The first (15 min) video in that folder is the first of five videos in Lesson 1 of my MOOC (Powerful Pedagogic Roles for Video). Lesson 1 is summarised by Handout 1.

The second (12 min) video is the first of six videos for Lesson 2 (Pedagogic Design Principles for Video). Lesson 2 is summarised by Handout 2.

The video for Lesson 3 (not included in DropBox) is a short introduction to the Screenwriting Assignment described in the third DropBox Handout.


The Licence for use of the above videos is CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs)

The terms of this licence, are detailed in the link https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/



The 3-day workshop would be run as follows.

I would play each of the 12 videos that I used in my MOOC  and stop after each video to ask and answer questions and to initiate discussion – mimicking the interactivity in my MOOC.

Day 1 would cover all of Lesson 1 of the MOOC and part of Lesson 2.

Day 2 would cover the remainder of Lesson 2 and introduce the Screenwriting Assignment.

Day 3 will involve small groups undertaking Draft 1 of the Screenwriting Assignment, then each group also evaluate two peer groups’ assignments, leading to Draft 2 of the screenplays. These would then be evaluated by me. 


A slimmer version. I will be running a one-day version of the workshop, to be held at the Naples ICEM pre-conference day on Wednesday 20 September 2017. This will include 3 of the five videos on Pedagogic Roles and 3 of the 6 videos on Design Principles. I would also add an online follow-up, because my evaluation of each group’s screenplay would take me another few hours, after receiving the screenplays by email.


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