The ICEM network is a global compilation of educators, producers, distributors and experts in the ever-expanding field of educational media, many of whom have been in the industry for several years and have gained vast experience and know-how. Such knowledge is meant to be shared, and we at ICEM encourage our members to offer their services to those in need of it. This sharing can be in various forms of consultancy work, such as conference presentations, project research, workshops etc., and given that we are a global community, you should be able to find someone closeby.

Below is a list of some of our main consultants and their profiles for you to explore. Please contact the individuals directly if you wish to discover more about their skills and experience.



Jack KOUMI has degrees in Mathematics, Psychology and Technology Based Distributed Learning. For 6 years he was a London University lecturer and teacher trainer. For 22 years at the BBC Open University, he produced audio, video & multimedia in Maths, Science, Education and Media Design. Also, he was Senior Instructor in a three-month annual course for overseas producers on educational video.

Subsequently, as a freelance consultant, he has conducted over 60 workshops and consultancies on educational media design, in 35 countries. He has also produced video/print and AV teacher training materials & trained producers of same in 11 countries.



He has published many papers and instructional texts, plus a book, Designing video and multimedia for open and flexible learning, Routledge 2006, reprinted 2009.
Latest papers:

  • Construction of 56 instructional TV programmes for English language learners in Turkey , Educational Media International 2013, Tailor & Francis.
  • Pedagogic Design Guidelines for Multimedia Materials: A Call for Collaboration between Practitioners and Researchers , Journal of Visual Literacy 2013 Vol. 32 No 2.
  • About to submit two papers for journal publication:
  • Learning Outcomes afforded by self-assessed segmented Video-Print combinations.
  • Audiovision for training Teachers of Nigerian Nomadic children.


Jack Koumi
Educational Media Production Training
Newton House
49 Bilton Road
CV22 7AN
United Kingdom
Assorted academic papers at
Exec member, International Council for Educational Media
Fellow of European Distance and E-learning Network