About ICEM

Our Mission

The world of education may have experienced great changes in technology and pedagogical approaches over the decades, but we at ICEM believe the primary goals of this prestigious organisation still focus on the core of today's educational needs. And we must never forget that the availability and standards of media in education are far from being globally uniform. That is why ICEM, some members of which are indeed global pioneers in their field, always strive to maintain the balance between the visualisation of tomorrow's standards and the practical realisation and effective utilisation of today's.

Our mission therefore remains:

  • to provide a channel for the international exchange and evaluation of information, experience and materials in the field of educational media as they apply to pre-school, primary and secondary education, to technical and vocational, industrial and commercial training, teacher training, continuing and distance education.
  • to foster international liaison among individuals and organizations with professional responsibility in the field of educational media.
  • to cooperate with other international organizations in the development and application of educational technology for practice, research, production, and distribution in this field.