The annual ICEM conference is the highlight of all ICEM events and generally takes place in September or October each year. The event is usually hosted by an ICEM member organisation and is often paired with another conference with a similar target group. The 2014 event will be held in Hungary, and the plans for 2015 are to travel to Colombia.·

The following is an exhaustive list of ICEM conference venues over the past 63 years, certifying ICEM’s active commitment in the field of educational media on a global scale.

67 years of conferences:

2018, Tallinn, Estonia, September 5-7, Tallinn University

2017, Naples, Italy, September 20-22, University of Naples Federico II 

2016, Seoul, South Korea, September 23-25,  Kookmin University

2015, Medellín, Colombia, September 29th to October 2nd

2014, Eger, Hungary, October 8th-10th

2013 Singapore, 1st-4th October 2013, Nanyang Technical University

2012 Cyprus,·26-29th September 2012, Nicosia

2011 Aveiro, Portugal,·“Old meets new – media in education” ICEM & SIIE Joint Conference

2010 Eskisehir, Turkey,·IODL & ICEM Joint Conference and Media Days

2009 Abu Dhabi, UAE· ”Literacy and You in Digital Age”

2008 Poitiers, France “Visual Learning in a Digital Age”

2007 Nikosia, Cyprus· ”Educational Media and Innovative Practices – Challenges & Visions”

2006 Eger, Hungary ICEM-Agria Média 2006 ”Digital teaching and learning environments require new teaching competences and increasing academic achievement”

2005 Orlando, USA

2004 Oct 16th – 21st, Vienna, Austria “Identities”

2003 Oct 4th – 9th, Oslo, Norway “Audiovisual Stories of a Digital Age”

2002 Oct 16th -21st, Granada, Spain “New technologies meeting Educational Challenges”

2001 Oct 26th -30th, Taipei, Republic of China “E-learning and Education Innovations”

2000 Nov 14th – 17th, Geneva, Switzerland “Pedagogy & Media: The Digital Shift”

1999 Oct 10th – 15th, Ljubljana, Slovenia “Selection and Delivery of Learning Materials on the Eve of the New Millenium” (+mediaweek)

1998 Oct 14th – 17th, Helsinki, Finland “Methods and Materials for the New Learning Environments”

1998 May, Macao –Special ICEM Conference “Information Technology in Education & Training”

1997 Nov 9th – 12th, Lisbon, Portugal “Education for Media” (+mediaweek)

1996 Oct 6th – 9th, Copenhagen, Denmark „Media & Information Technology in the Curriculum”

1995 Oct 16th – 18th, Mainz, Germany “Veränderte Medienwelten, veränderte Lernwelten”

1994 Oct 9th – 15th, Eger, Hungary “New Challenges in the Development Marketing and Implementation of Instructional Materials and Technology” (+ Agri Media)

1993 Nov 21st -27th, Barcelona, Spain “The New Technological Environments at the Service of Teachers”

1992 Oct 11th – 17th, Orlando, USA “Design Development of a 21st Century Technology Base

1991 Sep 24th – 30th Reykjavik, Iceland “Challenges Facing Small Linguistic Societies in the Age of Information Technology and Mass Media”

1990 Oct 29th – 31st Vienna, Austria “Media Efficiency”

1989 Oct 9th – 11th Ferrara, Italy “Multimedialitá 89”

1988 Oct 1st – 4th, Den Haag, Netherlands “Interactivity 88”

1987 Oct 26th – 27th, Cardiff, UK „Communication the Essence of Education“

1986 October, Belgrade

1985 October 8th-10th,Glasgow

1984 October 4th-9th Banff, Alberta, Canada “Educational Technologies to Enhance Learning at a Distance”

1983 October 8th-16th, Oslo “Current Trends in the Use of Audiovisual Media in Language Teaching”

1982 October 20th-27th, Mexico City “New Technology and Learning”

1981 October 22nd-28th, Tel Aviv “New Carriers in Formal Educational Systems and in Open Learning”

1980 October· 6th-11th, Helsinki “Mass Media Education and The Future Distribution of Audiovisual Media”

1979 September 28th-October 6th, Geneva “Teaching of, and by, Audio-Visual Communication”

1978 October 13th-18th, London “Alternative Learning Systems” (jointed with Internavex)

1977 October 6th-12th, Washington D.C.

1976 September 25th-26th, Copenhagen “Film and Video Tape in Production and Distribution”

1975 September 29th-October 4th, Glasgow “The Impact of Resource Based Learning”

1974 May 13th-18th, Munich “Preschool education”

1973 September 28th-October 5th, Budapest

1972 May, Tunis

1971 October 6th-8th, Montreal – First ICEM conference outside Europe !

1970 July 20th-23rd, London (jointed with Internavex – Audiovisual Aids Exhibition)

1969 September 22nd-27th, Stockholm ICEF becomes ICEM

1968 June 17th-22nd, Lisbon

1967 September 25th-30th, Vienna

1965 July 11th-16th, London

1964 May 24th-30th, Dubrovnik

1963 November 11th-15th, Paris UNESCO starts to support ICEF

1962 Brussels

1961 Luxembourg

1960 June 12th – 17th, Berne

1959 June 14th – 19th, Glasgow

1958 June 15th – 21st, The Hague

1957 June 16th – 21st, Stockholm

1956 May 13th – 18th, Copenhagen

1955 July 10th – 14th, London

1954 March 31st – April 3rd, St.Cloud (France)

1953 January 28th – 31st, Hamburg

1952 July 9th – 12th, Locarno

1951 September 29th – October 8th, Salzburg

1950 May, Interlaken (Founding of ICEF by members from

Austria: Bundesstaatliche Hauptstelle für Lichtbild und Bildungsfilm, Dr. Adolf Hübl

Germany: Institut für Film und Bild, Dr. Fridolin Schmid

Luxemburg: Office du Film Scolaire, Mr. Franziskus

Sweden: Swensk Filmindustri AB, Dr.Bertil Lauritzen

Switzerland: Vereinigung Schweizer Unterrichtsfilmstellen, Herr Milton Ray Hartmann)