About ICEM

Dr. Anita Stangl

We (www.medienlb.de) are currently the market leader in Germany. Thus, we are in contact with over 40,000 schools, 678,100 teachers and 9,727,000 pupils in Germany. Now we are ready to enter the international school market. Mr. Battenberg (principal) and the DSK are excited about our interactive DVDs. These DVDs are perfectly edited for the use with whiteboards. Smartboards is one of our closest partners http://sen.smarttech.com/en/Collaborate/Success-stories/120217-MedienLB.aspx.
Our aim is to produce educational films for schools in an unprecedented quality. Our media are tailored to school lessons and can be directly used by the teachers since they cover the respective curriculum and are always up-to-date in terms of didactics. We strive to realise the equality of educational opportunity for all pupils. Our interactive audiovisual DVDs are particularly suited for supporting pupils individually, either alone or in groups of two or more. In addition, they are perfectly suitable for pupils with different learning speeds, for the advancement of high performers and under-achievers as well as for pupils who have missed lessons for whatever reason (illness, travel, move, etc.).
Our comprehensive movies and worksheets contain for students as well as additional teaching material for teachers. There are more than 250 DVDs covering all major school subjects including chess aimed at primary school level.