ICEM membership enables those professionally involved in the production, distribution and use of media in teaching and learning to establish a broad network of contacts with educators, researchers, managers, producers and distributors of educational media from around the world.·It also provides opportunities to discuss topics of mutual concern in an atmosphere of friendship and trust; to plan and carry out co-productions; to compare and exchange ideas and experiences; to keep abreast of the latest developments; and to work together towards the improvement of education on an international level.

Membership in ICEM includes a subscription to the ICEM quarterly journal,·Educational Media International·and full access to the ICEM website features. Members may also benefit from reduced registration rates at ICEM-endorsed events, eligibility to engage in professional working groups, or may even become an elected member of the ICEM Executive Committee and contribute to the steering of the organisation and its activities.

Who can be a member of ICEM?
Members are organisations and individuals who are involved in educational technology in any one of a variety of ways. There are several different types and categories of ICEM members:

Individuals·- (80 Euro) This category is for independent individuals who wish to have membership in ICEM without any affiliation to an educational institution or commercial body. These are normally educators or teachers from various levels of formal or non-formal education, or indeed media consultants, free-lance producers, instructors etc. Pay now

Students – (40 Euro) The discount category is designed for individuals such as those in Category 1 who are are still studying. Pay now

Retired – (40 Euro) The discount category is designed for individuals such as those in Category 1 who are retired.Pay now

Non-profit institutions – (205 Euro) This category is for all non-profit organisations or institutions such as universities, schools, educational facilities, educational/instructional organisations.Pay now

Commercial bodies – (275 Euro) The fourth category is for commercial bodies such as media production companies, distributors, private educational institutions, publishers, broadcasters etc. Pay now

How do you apply for membership?
If you or your organisation/institution are involved in educational technology in any way or you’d like to pay by bank transfer then please contact