Educational Media and Innovative Practices: Challenges & Visions


International Council for Educational Media 2007 (lCEM 2007)

Innovative LearningEnvironments2007 (ILE2007)

September 20-22, 2007


CARDET – Intercollege, Nicosia, Cyprus


Program Overview


Wednesday, 19/9 2007

Conference Room, Main Building, 2nd floor:

ICEM Executive Committee meeting


Thursday, 20/9 2007

Conference Room, Main Building, 2nd floor:

ICEM Executive Committee meeting


15:00 -16:00 ICEM2007/ILE2007 Registration

Room: UNESCO Amphitheatre


16:00 -19:00 Producers Forum

Digital Rights Management Vs. Creative Commons: Putting a Commons Sense into Education Florian Philapitsch, KommAustria


·       Walter Olensky, Federal Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, Austria

·       Thomas Boström, UR,Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company, Sweden

·       Tryggvi Jakobsson, The National Centre for Educational Materials, Iceland

·       Uwe Hass, FWU Institute for Film and Picture, Germany



Friday, 21/9 2007


Room LAB B17:

09.00 - 18.00 Media Days


Room: UNESCO Amphitheatre:

09:00 -9:30 Conference Opening


·       Dr. Charalambos Vrasidas, Executive Director -CARDET

·       Dr. Michalis Attalides, Rector – Intercollege, Representative from CYTA

·       Mr. Akis Cleanthous, Minister of Education and Culture


09:30 -10:30 Keynote Speech

Modding and Mashing: Exploring New Media Tools in a Digital Age Dr. John Hedberg, President of ICEM, Macquarie University


10.30 – 10.50 Coffee Break


10.50. – 12.30 Paralell Sessions


Session A1, Room: Davinci

Chair: Cornell, R.


Cornell, R., Pan, Cheng-Chang., Tsai, Ming-Hsiu., Chien, Ya-Chen., Tsai, Mei-Mei., Tu, Chih-Hsiung., Blocher, M.: The Great Debate - F2F,WWW, or Blended? Ten Proponents in Four Acts


Session A2, Room: Plato

Chair: Curchill, D.


·       Curchill, D.: Using Blogs to Support Teaching and Learning in a University

·       Komlo, Cs., & Forgo, S.: Expectations of e-Learning Multimedia Instructional Material

·       Lin, Chai-Wei., Tsai, Mei-Mei., & Chien, D.: A Case Study of the Multiple­ Intelligence and Cooperative Learning in e-Learning/ Media Project

·       Eteokleous, N., & Christodoulou, N.: Achieving Multiculturalism in a Centralized Educational System through Computer Technology

·       Charalambous, K., Ioannou, 1., & Nicolaou, I.: An Investigation  of the Degree of Integration of ICT in Primary Education and of the Attitudes of Primary School Teachers of the Town of Nicosia Towards the Integration and Exploitation of ICT in the Educational Process



Session A3, Room: Rousso

Chair: Stylianou - Georgiou, A.


·       Alexander, C.: TESOL Internet Innovations at Intercollege's Language Laboratory

·       Stylianou - Georgiou, A.: EUROPAL: Using ICT to Promote Learner Autonomy

·       Papadima - Sophocleous, S.: Reflective Electronic Portfolios in a BACALL Course: Supporting Reflective and Autonomous Learning

·       Alves, P., Moreira, A, & Mclsaac, M.: Collaborative Writing at a Distance

·       Laghos, A., & Zaphiris, P.: Investigating Student Roles in Online Student-Centered Learning


12.30 – 14.00 Lunch Break


14.00 – 15.45 Paralell Sessions


Session B1, Room: Davinci

Chair: Nicolaou, C.


·       Cardoso, T., Celorico, J.A., & Alarcáo, I.: MAECC - Discovering a New Model to Analyse and Explore Scientific Knowledge

·       Loureiro, M.J. ,
Neto, A., Oliveira, ,Chagas, L .,
Bettencourt, T., Cid,
M., Marques, L., Praia, J., Santos, C, Costa, N., & Guerra, C.: Science Education Research and School Practices: Building an Online Community of Practice

·       Olympiou, G., Zacharia, Z., Papaevripidou, M., & Constantinou, C.: Experimenting with Physical and Virtual Manipulatives in Physics

·       Meletiou - Mavrotheris, M., Mavrotheris, E., & Paparistodemou, E.: Developing an Online Professional Development Course for European Teachers of Statistics

·       Nicolaou, C, & Constantinou, C. P.: Preparing Teachers to Use Modeling Tools in Science Teaching and Learning Through a Blended e-Learning Course Involving Structured Collaboration



Session B2, Room: Plato

Chair: Roushias, C.


·       Giambona, G., & Birchall, D.W.: Synchronous or Asynchronous – ls there a Golden Medium to Better Develop Trust in SME Virtual Learning Communities?

·       Roushias, C., & Angelides,P.: EDULlNUX: Freeand Open Source Classrooms in Schools and Universities

·       Papacharalambous, B.: The elearning Platform in the Cloud

·       Stewart, J.: Facilitating Virtual Action Learning: Experiences From a Study of an SME e-Learning Programme

·       Wall, J., McNamee, E, Vrasidas, C, Madden, D., Hurst, A., Baccino,T., Chanquoy, L., Yazici, E., Acar, E., Jordan, A., McNamee, P.,& Koushiappi, M.: Innovative Construction Manager Training: A Case Study



Session B3, Room: Rousso

Chair: Koumi, J.


·       Chysanthou, C.: The "Grey Box": Media Literacy in Cyprus Public Education

·       Veletsianos, G., & loannou, C.: Aesthetics and Beauty in Educational Media: An Overlooked Fundamental in the Design and Delivery of Digital Content

·       Koumi, J.: Pedagogic Video Design Principles

·       Doering, A., & Veletsianos, G.: Innovative Uses of Educational Media Around the World: The Case for Adventure Learning

·       Vassilikopoulou, M.,Boloudakis, M.,SymeonR., & Paraskeva, E.: From Digitised Comic Books To Digital Hypermedia Comic Books: Their Use In Education


15.45 – 16.00 Coffee Break


16.00 – 18.00 Symposium

ICT and Educational Aspirations: Challenges and Opportunities

Ministry of Education & Culture, Pedagogical Institute, CARDET, Intercollege, Cyprus College, Open University of Cyprus, University of Cyprus


18.30 – 19.30 Cheese and Wine Event


21.00 – 24.00 Gala Dinner



Saturday, 22/9 2007

Room: UNESCO Amphitheatre


08:00 – 10:00 ICEM General Assembly


10.00 – 11.40 Parallel Sessions


Session C1, Room: Davinci

Chair: Evagorou, M.


·       Demetriou, C, Avraamidou, L., & Evagorou, M.: The Use of Handhelds in Inquiry-Based Science Investigations

·       Lazakidou, G., Retalis, S., & Paraskeva, F.: Computer-Supported Collaborative Scenarios for Evolving Self-Regulatory Skills in Math Education

·       Papaevripidou, M., Constantinou, C & Zacharia, Z.: Instructing Alien Nemoto Collect the Apples from the Apple- Tree: A Designed Curriculum to Foster Fifth Graders' Programming Skills Through the Use of Stagecast Creator

·       Santos, A.: Using Technology to Bring Reality into the Classroom

·       Cifuentes, L, & Bulu, S.: Sharing Visual Culture in a Wiki



Session C2, Room: Plato

Chair: Retalis, S.


·       Guerra, C., Loureiro, M. J., & Marques Vieira, R.: Evaluation of the Storyboard and the Development of Courseware Sere

·       Solomou, M.: Commercial Computer Games in Education: A Case Study

·       Mavrotheri, E., Engh, E., & Meletiou- Mavrotheris, M.: Eurolearn European Welder: A Blended Learning Approach to the Education of European Welders

·       Karigren, K., Dahlström, A., Lonka, K., & Ponzer, S.: A New Educational Annotation
Tool for Supporting Medical Teams to Improve Their Teamwork and Communication

·       Vrasidas, C.,  Hjeltnes, T., Mikalsen, A., Avraamidou, L., Retalis, S., & Koushiappi, M.: Assessing and Developing the Competences of e-Trainers



Session B3, Room: Rousso

Chair: Chih-Hsiung Tu


·       Chien Ya-Chen., & Tsai, Ming-Hsiu.: The Use of Web 2.0 in an English as a Foreign language (Hl) Course in Taiwan

·       Pang, Cheng-Chang, Sullivan, M. & Gunter G.: Use of Debriefing as an Instructional Strategy in an Online Course

·       Tu, Chih-Hsiung: The Balance of Collective and Individual Intelligence

·       Chien, Ya-Chen., & Tsai Ming-Hsiu: Instructing a Situated e-learning Website

·       Loureiro, M., Moreira, A.,& Pereira, L.: e-Argumentation Using SCALE


11.40 – 12.00 Coffee Break


12.00 – 13.00 Keynote Speech



Dr. Robin Mason, Open University UK – CARDET: The Use of Web 2.0 Technologies for Community Development


13.00 – 14.00 Lunch Break


Session D1, Room: Davinci

Chair: Blocher, M.


·       Blocher, M.: Digital Storytelling In Pre-Service Teacher Preparation

·       Nutt, J.: The Pedagogy of Educational Asset Acquisition: Why All Great Teachers Steal

·       Stylianou E, & Eteokleous, N.: Pre-Service Early-Childhood Teachers Integrating Technology in the Art Class: Perception Changed?

·       Mcnamara S. & Horne, M.: Tomorrow's Educator

·       Hauser Z. & Kis-Toth L.: Advanced Information and Communication Technologies in Teacher Training


Session D2, Room: Plato

Chair: Papanastasiou, E.


·       Arapoglou, M. Vasilikopoulou, M. Boloudakis, P. Georgiakakis, C. Constantinou, G., Lazakidou, S. Retalis: E-fidaki: Want to Teach it? Snake it or Ladder it

·       Fang L.: How Young Adult Singaporeans Interact Online

·       Educational Technology Curriculum Team, Ministry of Education and Culture, Cyprus: Acquiring
Challenge for Cyprus' Educational System

·       Chrysostomou, S., & Papathanasiou E.: The Development of the Information Handling Skills Through the Implementation of a Project with the Use of ICT  Tools- Study of a Country in a Geography Class by 6th Grade Students With the use of the Internet and the Kidspiration


Session D3, Room: Rousso

Chair: Mclsaac, M.


Symposium: ICT for Education, Development, and Social Justice

Greeting: Jaco Cilliers, UNDP-ACT (Sponsored by UNDP-ACT)


·       Mclsaac, M.: Open Education Resources and ICT

·       Zembylas, M.: ICT Education and Social Justice

·       Hedberg, J: ICT for Education in Asia Pacific

·       West, P. & Vrasidas C.: Virtual Universities of the Small States of the Commonwealth (VUSSC)

·       Evagorou, M., Vrasidas, C., Gunduz, S., Zembylas, M., Avraamidou, L. &

·       Koushiappi, M.: Integrating Technology with Environmental Education


15.45 – 16.05: Coffee Break


16.05 – 18.00: Symposium

Room: UNESCO Amphitheatre


Global Perspectives on Educational Media

Chair: Dr.Marina Mclsaac, CARDET


·       René Cluzel, UNESCO

·       Uwe Hass, EUN, European Schoolnet

·       Paul West & Charalambos Vrasidas, Commonwealth of Learning


18.00 – 19.00 Closing Ceremony