Media Festival and Producers Committee

Dr. Anita Stangl

As a Chairwoman for Media Festivals and Producers I want to help our members in a networking process between producers all over the world.
According to this goal I want to lead the committee to developping a concept for a Media Festival (hopefully in real contact, but alternatively of course as an online event).

With the committee we want to discuss the following aspects:

  • What kind of a media Festival are we going to plan?
  • What kind of media are featured in the festival?
  • Do we nominate a winner?
  • Do we create different categories?
  • Do we need a jury? Who should be part of the jury?
  • When should it take place?
  • Depending on the corona regulations: as an on- or offline-Event?
  • If planned as an offline-Event: where should it take place?
    Our planned results are:
  • Media Festival together with the Short films project (Curtas Fora de Portas)
  • Collaboration with the Marketing Chair of ICEM
  • Measurable impact on the networking process