Walter Olensky

Walter Olensky (1957 – 2024)

Walter Olensky, born April 1957 in Vienna, Austria. After Grammar school academic studies at the University of Vienna, during and after the studies employee in a law office and at court.

From 1985 until 2021 as a lawyer active in the Federal Ministry of Education in Austria.

Head of the mediaservice, a department of the Ministry in charge for supplying Austrian schools with educational media (film, video, video on Demand) to be used for educational purposes.

Walter Olensky was member of ICEM since 1999. From 2003 until 2007 Vice president (Presidents John Hedberg and Marina Mc Isaac). From 2008 until 2021 Treasurer.

Walter Olensky had International experience in the field of media production, exchange of media on a licence-basis and distribution of media in the non commercial field of education.

Walter Olensky, 1999