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Halit Arslan, Yusuf Levent Şahin, Hatice Ferhan Odabaşı & Muhammed Recep Okur: An investigation of change in teachers’ technostress levels before and after the Covid-19 outbreak

This study, aimed to determine how teachers’ technostress levels changed during the COVID-19 outbreak. Within the scope of the study, data were collected from a total of 599 teachers, including 295 teachers before the COVID-19 outbreak and 304 teachers after the beginning of the outbreak. The Teachers’ Technostress Levels Defining Scale developed by Çoklar, Efilti and Şahin (2017) was used in data collection. The independent samples t-test, one-way analysis of variance (one-way ANOVA), and multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) methods were used to investigate the technostress levels of the participants according to various variables. According to the results obtained, it is observed that the COVID-19 pandemic process increased the technostress levels of the participants. Although the technostress levels of the participants increased further after the outbreak, they did not change by gender, and it was observed that male and female teachers had a close level of technostress before and after the outbreak. It was also revealed that the technostress levels of the participants differed significantly according to branches during the outbreak. Recommendations were made in line with the data obtained. Full Article